Firewind Flutes


Welcome to our workshop.  This is where I take ostrich bones, deer bones, bird bones; bison, cow, springbok, blesbok and water buffalo horns; and other interesting things and turn them into flutes.  

Interesting shapes

require novel


From rough cow horn (left) to finished flute (right)

Scott Kennedy


To draw the sweetest sound from every unique piece of horn and bone, I carve each one individually; I use no templates.  Every flute has its own interesting variations.  All finish work is done by hand.

Tuning is accomplished with the use of two different electronic tuners and a good ear.  You will find that the tuning on any one flute will vary according to the climatic conditions it is played in and how hard it is blown.  You can play a flute beautifully indoors at 70 degrees, then walk outside with it into misty 45 degree weather and it might not play at all, or the notes might not sound right.  Our flutes are tuned to be played in moderate humidity at around 75 degrees.

We enjoy the challenges of working with non-traditional materials to produce flutes that will provide hours of contentment for our customers.  Our workshop is a happy place because we love what we do.

Have a good time browsing through our site.  If you see anything you like, give us a call.  We’re always here, and if our hands aren’t full we’ll pick up the phone.